28 Dec

Decluttering was THE buzz word a few years ago, mostly because of the never ending parade of home improvement shows. It wasn’t a bad idea in general but it gave minimalism a big foothold and that’s a trend we could have done without – in my opinion!   I love my STUFF. 

Anyway, when I opened my email yesterday morning and saw the influx of crap mail I decided I needed to declutter.  I was brutal.  I hit Unsubscribe for every sales email, blogs I don’t read, all the free book sites and my lists of preferred sellers  on Trade Me and Ebay. That hurt a bit.  

No hurt this morning though when I see my new streamlined Inbox.  I actually stopped to read the emails I received – no skimming – and what was there was interesting, and relevant.  I didn’t miss anything important because of the sheer volume of advertising emails.  I doubt I’ll spend as much money shopping online either when the temptation is not in my face.

So, while I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore (I’m at that age where you’ve realised they’re quite pointless and if you’re going to do something you really ought to just do it anyway) I will claim this as a new departure for 2014.   No more time wasting on my Inbox! 






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