I heard a lovel…

27 Jul

I heard a lovely story today from my real estate friend Cheryl.  When she first started in real estate she had a listing to sell an apartment owned by WINZ.  This apartment had a tenant, a formerly homeless man called Willy, and because he had no phone she would visit him to make appointments to bring viewers around.  He had carefully furnished the apartment from skips; he had furniture, paintings and rugs on the floor.  When there was a viewing he would bake bread so that the aroma would be enticing to a buyer.  Cheryl sold the apartment to an investor and, as WINZ would continue to pay his rent, Willy was allowed to remain.  

A few weeks later Cheryl was walking past the City Mission with some clients when she heard her name being called.  Willy sauntered over to her and they had a catch up right there on the street accompanied by her bemused clients and a dozen homeless people.

As Cheryl walked away she heard one of Willy’s friends ask

“Who was that”

And Willy replied…………..

“That’s my estate agent.”


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