Real Estate risk takers

23 Jul

I watched a few episodes of a TV programme over the weekend that has stuck in my head.  It’s called Property Wars and is set in Arizona (which is much greener than I envisaged) and follows a group of property buyers who buy properties sight unseen.  Sounds crazy doesn’t it?  There’s not a lot of explanation but from what I can make out these are properties that are foreclosures and they’re auctioned off by the courts early on a particular morning (it could be every morning – they don’t specify).  

The buyers are in teams of two and one gets to the house approximately 10 minutes before the auction starts and has a quick look around the outside of the house and the other stays at the courthouse to bid. The ‘winner’ doesn’t know what state the property is in until the door is opened by the estate agent and is already his to enjoy or destroy.

Some of them are gorgeous (oh, really cheap real estate out there too – at least by NZ standards) and others are disasters – down to the floor being dug up – by suppliers who hadn’t got paid or maybe by unhappy owners giving the banks a hard time.

I know a lot of estate agents but I only know one who would have the gumption to do this.  Marnie Adams. I think she’d love the excitement of opening that door and not knowing what she’d find.  And if it was bad, she’d roll up her sleeves, get stuck in and still make a profit. 

It’s about more than money – it’s about living your life to the fullest.  These guys (and funnily enough they are all guys) are not content to sit back and take the safe option. There are so many property shows on TV that you get a bit jaded by them – this one has shaken the pot up for me and I’m really enjoying it.   


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